Double tetrode transmitting tubes
circa early 1950s
I assume this is a date code inside the bottom of the RAYTHEON
I got 2 more of these that are still in the cardboard wrapper
My friend Danial Stocks provided this information about these tubes.

Double tetrode transmitting tubes. The big ones are 5984 or in the European coding QQE06/40.
Note the EEV one also says C178A - EEV specific part no..
The little one QQE03/20 - may have a US no but I dont know it.
These work up to around 500 MHZ or so.
There are eutralizing caps built into the tube [note the little curls of wire coming off the top of the grids] so they can be run without neutralization.
Supersedes the 829A and 823A respectively.
Many refs to things like this in mid century amateur radio publications like Radio Comms Handbook..
I have dups of the Motorola and Raytheon tubes, and a pair of the GEs that appear to be new
still in the original cardborad wrapper.
These are available for trade if anyone is interested.

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