In March of 2010 I got an email from a guy asking if I could suggest a nice looking radio for him to use on an upcoming Hank Williams CD collection.
One of the prettiest radios in my collection is my Atwater Kent model 82, so I took a couple photos of it and sent them along.
It didn't take long before he emailed me back saying it was perfect and he wanted more photos, close ups of the dial, the speaker grill, the wood grain and even the back of the set.

I had no idea what he was planning to do with all these photos.
All I was expecting was a photo of the front of radio on a CD cover.

Boy was I surprised when I saw what they came up with.
Check out the photos below showing the original AK that I took the photos
of and what arrived at my house via FedEx as thanks for using my photos.
Needless to say, I was blown away.
Many thanks to Phil Yarnall - SMAY DESiGN
and the folks at Time-Life.

Here's a link to a page with lots of info about the CD

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The photos below are the originals photos that they made the front & back views from.
Thia shows both displayed on the wall with my other AKs.
The Hank Williams CD collection has been nominated for the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Historical Album