My Apollo 11
Apollo 11 landed on the moon on
July 20th 1969.
It was also my 17th birthday.
Later that summer I went to
Washington DC with my parents.
The sidewalks were lined with
vendors selling Apollo 11 souvenirs, I bought several.
In about 1995 when I first got
on-line and discovered Ebay
one of the first searches I did was
for Apollo 11 stuff. For several
years after that I bought a number of Apollo 11 souvenirs from Ebay
The photos you see here are of my collection of those items.
I have a number of books written
about the Apollo 11 moon mission.
The taller of the 2 steins shown above is the newest edition to my collection. But it won't be gathering dust on the shelves, I intend to drink my coffee out it every morning. It replaces one just like it that I had used for coffee and was broken a couple years ago.

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