Model OMA
Modulator Motorized Sweep Gen (wobulator)
Images supplied by Scott McAuley
Here's another nice OMA,
restored by J.D. Leach
photos of the inside are below.
"nice job J.D."
"I've done a bit of work to the generator. In addition to removing a half-century of cigarette tar and nicotene from the insides and outsides, I  replaced the line cord, the celluloid windows (re-scribed the frequency vernier one), replaced all of the electrolytic caps (have not re-stuffed the  cans as of yet, but left them for as a future project), replaced the plate feed resistor to the fixed-frequency oscillator, replaced the fixed-frequency oscillator output resistor, oiled the motor, pulled the backs of all the potentiometers and cleaned and lubed, I also went ahead and replaced all of the GT style tubes with original RCA metal types, and re-installed all of the missing screws (why can't anyone ever put all of the screws back?).
Although not "restored", it comes pretty close."

J.D. Leach, April 12.2008
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