Built by Clough-Brengle
for United Moters.
Thanks to Doug Houston and Alan Douglas
for these images.
This is a photo of a United Motors Radio Test Panel that is part of noted author Alan Douglas's collection.
For some time I've had the suspension that United Motors equipment
was built by Clough-Brengle.
My friend Alan Douglas brought it up to me when he sent me the
photo of the United Motors test panel he owns. You don't have
to look very hard to see the family resemblance.
Then a United Motors tube tester popped up on Ebay. The seller
was good enough to post a lot of photos of the tube tester including
one of the bottom and what do we see but a Clough-Brengle
name plate. You'll notice that the model number and serial
spaces are left blank.
I don't know what
"Service Engineering"
is, but this logo also appeared on the tube tester.