The "U-Boat" Crew pays a visit to
Jim's "Enigma Heaven".
Below are some general views around Jim's fantastic Enigma workshop
Here's Jim and Brian KN4R
at the door to the Enigma workshop
This is one of Jim's reproduction
2 rotor boxes, he's going to take this one to the museum at Bletchley Park.
If you didn't know better, you'd swear it was 65 years old.
This is one the latest Enigmas in the shop for restoration
This is Jim's reproduction Enigma he's building.
Here's Jim pretending to be a U-Boat radio operator...
The radio is Brian's  Telefunken E 437S.
Looks like Jim is getting ready to make some fine adjustments...
Here's a couple close-ups of the Telefunken E 437S.
Below with the door open showing the 7C7 Loctal tubes that it was updated with.
This is the group that visited Jim this trip. Left to Right is,
Mark KC4YOI, Brian KN4R, William W4BZ,
Robert KD4HSH and me Ron W4RON.
If you're interested in any of the parts Jim makes for Enigmas,
"click" on the photo above.