My Fan Collection
Fans on top of bookcases in the library
GE & Westinghouse fans in radio collection display room,
the Westinghouse gets daily use. The GE was the first fan I restored nearly 30 years ago.
A Monkey Ward :-)
and a little Westinghouse
is workshop awaiting
A large GE and Emerson
in workshop that get daily
use in hot weather.
The latest addition to the fan collection, a Robbins & Meyers
brass blade fan made about
It'll be next in line for restoration come warm weather.
The green Eskimo that's 4th from the right is kinda special to me. My Grandmother gave it to my Mother when she was in the hospital in labor in July in a hospital with no air conditioning trying to give birth to me in 1952.
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Here are 3 floor standing horizontal fans I have.
The Ashtray fan is
one of my favorites,
I use it alot when I'm sitting in my radio collection display room.
I've had it more than 30 years.
Even though I don't smoke anymore it's still one of my favs.
The brown and gold hassock fans I found on ebay.
I'm thinking about selling these since I no longer have any
room for them.
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