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Homebrew Glass cased battery set
using Cockaday tuner.
With 5 Gold Super Airline GX-201A tubes.
Front view, note the fancy trim pieces on the base.
Rear view showing close-up of tubes and Cockaday tuner
Top view with glass
top in place.
Top view with glass
top removed.
Gold Airline GX-201A's
and Federal audio transformers.
Cockaday tuner.
2 more views from above with glass top removed.
Close-up of base trim. This trim was made from
a hard rubber panel off of another radio. Panel engravings from the other set are visible on the back of trim pieces.
I bought this set at the 1998 AWA Rochester by the light of my flash light at 5:30AM on Wednesday the first day of the event.
I have searched since then for the 5 Gold Super Airline GX-201A's now in the set.
Thanks to a good friend I managed to aquire the last Gold tube to complete the display.
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