Homebrew? restoration project page.
Work in progress, check back later for updates.
This page was last updated: July 8, 2008
Here's the chassis after a little cleaning.
It looks a lot better, except that it's too shiny now.
Note that the transformer end caps are gone, I had to tie it down with plastic wire ties so I could move the chassis around without it pulling the wires loose.
Here's the top plate to the tuning condenser rack. The plate is aluminum so it polished up nicely, as did the tracking dials.
The screws were stuck so bad I had to break 2 of the chickenhead knobs just to get them off.
Before and after a little cleaning of the rear tuning condenser section.  Long Q tips work great.
Anyone know of an easy way to break into one of these to restuff it?
My friend John K5MO send me a link to his page about how to rebuild this type of chassis mounted cap. Here's a link to that page if you're interested,
Transformer end cap headed for the glass beader. It should look a lot better with a good coat of gloss black paint.
I'm missing 4 of these tube caps. Anyone know where I can get some?
Here's what the assembly inside the IF cans look like
I got an email saying it looks like a National RHP.
Similar, similar...
I have discovered that there were originally 2 of the chassis
mounted condensers. SO, I'm hoping someone has an extra one laying in their junk box. You can see close up photos of it on the restoration project web page. I need one exactly like this one, OR 2 that mount the same that are exactly alike.
I also need 4 of the metal caps that go over the grid caps on the tubes. I have 2 of them but 4 are missing.