Here are some of the horn
speakers in my
With the latest addition
the horn collection now numbers 45.
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The 2 tall horns are Radiola model FH, one with a hard rubber bell the other with a rare fiber bell.
2 Radiola/Westinghouse Vocarolas, the one on the
stand has an original driver.
The other Vocarola, the newest addition to the horn collection has a non original driver.
This horn will get repainted next spring when the weather warms up, since it has already been repainted incorrectly using flat black.
Amplion Jr. Deluxe
British Burndept horn.
Tiny German DTW horn.
Fairly rare and early horn by
Holtzer-Cabot, about 1922.
Califone with an unusual square bell.
Jewett mini horn.
Unknown brand, no markings,
very early.
Timmons Table Talker horn.
The horn in the center is marked Saal, the 2 smaller horns are marked WLS were made by Saal.
A side by side comparison showing 3 straight neck fiber horns.
L to R, Jewett Super Speaker, Radiola FH,
Western Electric 518W
This is a green Atwater Kent model G horn.
The green paint makes it look like it was
made to go with the early model 10 breadboards that had green paint,
but actually this was the last horn AK made
in 1928-29.

These 2 photos show the bulk of the horn collection.

The picture below shows most of my Atwater Kent horns.
They are L to R, model R, L, H, and 2 sizes of the model M.
There were actually 4 different sizes of the model M horn made.
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