Project RA/DA
Here's my latest project. It's to "restore" these 2 Radiola RA/DAs.
I got them from a close friend, who said that if I fixed up one of them for him, I could have the other one. I plan to let him choose whichever one he wants.
This one has bakalite skirted dials on the RA.
This one has metal skirted dials on the RA.
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This RA is missing 2 binding post caps.
Missing one audio xformer, 2 headphone jacks.and has one incorrect rhostat and knob
This one has an incorrect audio
This is the bakalite coupling for one of the RA main tuner knobs.
I think it'll glue back together fine.
This may be one of the hardest parts to the project to make
look right. Maybe I can just find a complete door to replace this one with.