A group of my best friends along with my family and I had just spent
three months taking an unfinished 2 car garage and turning it into my
dream display room.
It was finished just in time for the Antique Wireless Association Southeast regional meet in March of 1990 in Monroe NC.

Two of the first visitors to my display room were my good friend Gerald Cromer and his wife Betty, the first thing Gerald said when he entered the room was "Wow, this must be Radio Heaven".

About five years later when I started building my first web page for the collection, I remembered what Gerald had said back in 1990 and I thought it would make a great name for the web page.

After 20 years of collecting and having to display my radio collection where ever I could find space, it was like "heaven" to finally have a room that was designed just to display radios in.

Ron Lawrenc W4RON
w4ron AT carolina DOT rr DOT com

Why it's called  "Radio Heaven"
This page was last updated on: April 13, 2008
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