A Strange Transmitter
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This thing has been sitting around in my garage/workshop for many years, I have no memory of where I got it.
I also have no idea what it is. DO YOU?

I think the taller of the 2 tubes on the top is a 6bq6or something like that, the small tube is a 9007.

< < < <    What is this tool hanging on the hook?
Looks like it might be a burnishing tool for a relay.
The tube in the bottom is a 5Y3, there wasn't anything in the socket, but  the
rest of the circuit below it is clearly power supply.
A Tuning cap. and RF coil ???
Strange sockets in the top, the small
one looks like a duel crystal socket.
I don't know what the white one is/
Do you know what this is or what it might be?
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