Heintz & Kaufman VT-127A
early radar tube

From the Gary Carter collection.
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Heintz & Kaufman VT-127A

The Signal Corps VT-127A is a VHF triode of 100 watts'
dissipation rating, designed just before WW II for the SCR-
268 radar used for the direction of antiaircraft guns. The
radar transmitter used 16 of these tubes in a ring oscillator
at 205 MHz. An exact figure for the peak pulse power
output is unavailable, but 50-75 kW would be reasonable.
The tube itself is a heavily modified, repackaged Eitel-
McCullough 100TH. Tubes were made by Eimac, Heintz
& Kaufman, Westinghouse, Sylvania, and Industrial &
Commercial Electronics.

Ludwell Sibley