W1ASZ history

1925:  (plain 1ASZ before the W was added) - New Hampshire College Radio Club, Durham, NH.

1928 - Raymond P. Griswold, 1044 Main St., Bridgeport, CT  (The Federal
Radio Commission, back then, issued licenses for specific power levels.
W1ASZ was listed at 250 watts, probably a well funded station.)
Raymond Griswold was the first Chief Engineer of radio station WICC.
"Click" here to visit their page about him.
He was most likely the orignal owner of the bookends.

1931 - Edwin Biltcliffe, Jr., 171 Mendon Ave., Pawtucket, RI

1938 - Biltcliffe again, but at 188 Hilldale Ave in Pawtucket.

Has anyone ever seen an advertisement where bookends like this could have been ordered?

Many thanks to Lud Sibley and  Carl Nord for their help with this.

W1ASZ bronze bookends