Ham Shack at Radio Heaven
This is the main radio bench in the shack.
The top shelf has 2 Astron 12 volt supplies on either end, behind the lamp shade is a RS-20 and on the right side is a RS-35 I had to add after I found that the 20 amp supply would not run the new IC-706 along with everything else.
in the middle on the top shelf is my vintage 6 meter AM station a Hallicrafters SR-46
with (very drifty) matching VFO feeding a solidstate 10 in 80 out brick amp.
Next to the brick is a coax switch to select between the SR-46 and the IC-706 going to the Halo antenna. Next to the 6 meter brick is my Icom dual band HT in it's drop in charger.
On the second shelf is a 6 meter FM rig made by Hammarlund and marketed by OuterComm located in Charlotte NC.
Next is a small stack with an Icom 229H that's mainly used to monitor the local fire channel on top with a Motorola GM 300 commercial UHF 2 way radio that's programmed for the local repeaters. Below it is a GM 300 receive section that's setup to receive a signal from my 440 HT and feed it into the transceiver and key the transmitter. This was I can walk around the house with a HT on low power and transmitter through the the GM 300 to the local repeater. I listen to the repeater directly on the HT.
Next on the middle shelf is the newest addition to the shack, an Icom 706mk2 HF-6 + 2 meters. This is by far the most modern radio I own. I bought as a back up HF rig and to get 6 meter SSB. Sitting on top of the 706 is a 4-400 transmitting tube, a good friend suggested that I add it so that maybe the close proximity of this hollowstate devise would lend so BA quality audio to the 706. I've had good reports so far... Hi
Next to the 706 is a Murch UT-2000 roller inductor antenna tuner that tunes the G5RV Hf antenna.
Next to the tuner is a HeathKit HM-2102 VHF SWR-Watt meter that's connected to the 6 meter Halo antenna.
On top of the HeathKit meter is one of 2 freq counters in the shack, next to it is the other counter and HP that's under a Daiwa cross needle SWR-Watt meter that feeds the HF tuner.
On the desk top is a cassette recorder next to a Kenwood TS-520s HF rig. Next to the 502s is a board with 4  coax switches
that makes it easy to switch between the different radio.
Hanging in the air in front of the station is a modified D-104 head mounted to a recycled desk lamp arm. This feeds both the 520s and the Johnson Viking 2 AM transmitter. There's a small black box with a push to talk switch on a long cable for the Kenwood 520s.

Here's another view of the Vintage AM station with my number 1 assistant operator Sugar the cat.
Sitting on top of the Viking 2 is a vintage Johnson Messenger 1
CB radio and a RCA line voltage monitor.
That's SWR/Watt meter sitting to the side on it's side.
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