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More Antique Radios in
    "Radio Heaven"
   A shelf full of Atwater Kents.
You'll see closeups of these below.
Atwater Kent model 165
made in 1933

This set is in unrestored
original condition. Right down
to the worn grill cloth,

Atwater Kent model 447
made in 1934

With the exception of having
replaced the grill cloth, this set
is completly original and
Atwater Kent model 305
made in 1935

Another original unrestored
Atwater Kent model 465
battery powered made in 1934

Original, unrestored.

Atwater Kent model 145
made 1934

Original & unrestored
Atwater Kent model 84
in a Grandfather clock cabinet
made in 1930-31

This radio unlike most in my
collection has been refinished
and broken frett work in the
grill was repaired.
Atwater Kent model 555
made in 1933
in interesting chest type