Model 87 Project Page
The purpose of this web page is to document the preservation of a very rare transmitter.
This Clough-Brengle model 87 may well be the only surviving example of this model.
In ten years of researching Clough-Brengle company products, this is the only one I've ever seen.
Not only is it rare in being the only known example,
it is also very rare o find a transmitter that is 70 years old that hasn't been "hamed" in any way.
It is 100% original, there have been no modifications or part changes what so ever.
Unfortunetly it was damaged in a previous shipment
due to poor packing.
Part of this preservation will be to repair damaged parts or replace them with exact NOS parts.
This shows the worst of the damage,
the mount for the large coil broke and then it flopped around breaking the antenna coils and several tubes including the 802 finals.
The photos above and below show the damage to the antenna coil forms.
And the broken ceramic standoffs.
Below are inside photos of the finished project
Repair of broken antenna coils
Temp. workbench on folding table in display room.
Re-coloring original black paint
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