Parts needed for Clough-Brengle project
Below are photos of the CORNELL DUBILIER filter caps on the model 87 transmitter.
As you can see the paper labels are badly damaged, I would like to find 2 caps with the same specs that have good labels. The caps can be bad, I hope to be able to steam the labels off and attach them to the existing cans. Please check your junk boxes for these caps.
They are CORNELL DUBILIER 450V 8 MFD. Type B
Below are 2 photos of the rubber foot needed for the CB-87.
I have 3 that are original, there is wear on the bottom of the foot such that
the head of the mounting screw shows.
First I would like to find ONE original that has about the same
amount of wear.
That not working, I would like to find FOUR that do match, even if new or
nearly new.
The mounting screw is 6-32 thread. The foot is about 1 inch across and
almost 1/4" thick.