Civilian Conservation Corps.
Radio Stations and Radio Schools

The photos on this page are courtesy of "The New Deal Network"
CCC Boys Learning How to Use a radio
Camp Sanders, Mt. Hermon, LA.
Theron Roth, Co. 535, CCC Yellowstone Park, Fort Missoula District, receives a message at his post from District Headquarters, Fort Missoula, Montana. All companies in this district are served by radio.
Radio and Mule
Radio Code Students, 1938
Class in Shortwave Radio
Company 1225, Camp Carson River, BR-35, Fallon, Nevada.
Radio Training
Company 1337, Camp Lost Horizon, Laquin, PA

A&N CCC-39, District D Radio School.
Practicing Code, January 1938
Radio Engineering
Twin Camps, Co. 1951, SP-29, Co. 2950, SCS-9, Lompoc, California HDR, LA District CCC, Van Nuys
Radio Class, Colored CCC
Company 2314. Radio class taught by Lt. Countryman. Enrollee operated radio station.

Radio Operator, Colored CCC
Company 4434, Camp P-78. Black radio operator.

Radio Station WUCC
Enrollee Echhardt on the air. Co. 768, Camp Buck Knob,
Oden, Arkansas.
C-B model 4581