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This page was last updated on: January 18, 2011
On the top shelf is a neat 4 tube homebrew I picked up at the Charlotte
CC-AWA Conference a couple of years ago. 
Below is my Dokorder model 7100 reel to reel deck feeding the AM/FM receiver in the photos below.
This  is to the far left as you enter the room. The top shelf holds lots of horn speakers above a wall full of misc. 1920's battery sets. The glass display case holds small early parts and other "stuff"...
This photo shows the front wall (where the garage door used to be) with mostly Atwater Kent brand radios.
Behind the couch is a 1960 RCA console stereo that is the only table I have that's big enough to hold the Leutz model L and WE 7A amp and D-10 horn.
In this photo you see sitting beside my grandmothers red velvet chair, a Victoreen super-het sitting on top of a large enclosed cabinet style horn speaker.  The speaker is a Metrodyne cone.
The TV behind the chair is a 1948 Crosley. Next to the TV is a magazine rack full of vintage magazines.
Continuning on around to the right you'll see part of my novelty transistor radio collection and some of the vintage advertizing in the collection. The large tube you see standing next to the metal shelf  is a 100 KW watercooled final from radio station WBT.

On the left next to the stairs is a RCA Radiola model 80. On top of it is my Federal model 61. Next to the RCA is my nearly "mint" AK - 316 with an
AK - 555 sitting on top.
The large floor model is a Victoreen Universal Super-Het, from the Ralph Muchow collection.
The 2 pieces on the wall behind the horn are promo transistor radios made by Delco for display in their showrooms, the one on the right is all in German.

On the metal shelf to the right is a Airway Type F,
a coin operated hotel radio from the Hotel Charlotte and a Majestic portable.
This is a built-in wall display case for my tube collection.
The horn speaker to the right is a spruce bell Music Master.

Here is a closer view of some of the small items in the floor display case.
There no real rhyme or reason to it, just lots of misc. "Radio Stuff".

Here's another view of more of the transistor radio collection, novelties, portables & pocket sets.

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Sitting on the shelf above the desk is an NRQ-62 Ultimate Regen receiver built by
Jim Stoneback K4AXF.
The left side cabinet contains the regen receiver, the right side cabinet holds
the power supply, audio amp and National Select-o-ject.

Sitting on the desk is a spark transmitter built in 1920 by a 12 year old boy in Reidsville NC, his amateur call was 4HK.
Various cone speakers on the top shelf, some family radios below that include a 1941 Philco that belonged to my wifes grandmother, a red Westinghouse Little Jewel that belonged to my grandmother, and a Zenith AM/FM that my mom gave to my dad the year before they were married.
On the third shelf down is a Philco 37-610 that was one of the first radios in my collection, next to an RCA model 128.
On the next shelf down are Zenith
transistor portables, R to L  TO-1000, 2000, TO-3000 & TO-7000.
On the floor on the left is an Atwater Kent model 70 shipping crate with a model 70 inside, AK model 55 in a Keil table and a Wurlitzer Sideman tube type sound machine.

On the left are some novility transistor radios, the big RCA box on the floor is for a 892-R transmitter tube that's sitting on the shelf above the Lafayette teaching radio that came from the physics lab a UNC.

This is one of my prize positions,
my 2008 AWA Houck Award for Preservation
for the collection you've just seen.

This is what you see when you first
enter "Radio Heaven"
That's a Sampson Dead Spot
super-het with a Spruce bell
Music Master
horn sitting on a 1946 Zenith
AM/FM console.
On the upper shelf are 3 Tri-City
battery sets, the next shelf down are
a Radiola 3 with balanced amp,
a Crosley Pup and a Radiola 3a,
then a Crosley models 50, 51 & 52.
The on the floor is a Primier Electric battery set, on top of it is a
glass cased battery set.
The red light on the shelf to the right is a side marker light off the original
WBT Blaugh-Knox towers.
Atwater Kent radios, the bottom shelf holds breadboards from an early homebrew
using AK parts a model 3925, Radiodyne model 10 and a 4560 model 10.
Above are variations of the AK model 20 including a model 19, the model 20 that was my first antique radio, a model 20 Delux, a 20 conpact and a model 21.
The top shelf holds AK sets of the 1930s.
An Atwater Kent model 55 in a Keil table.
on top is a early Signal Loose Coupler
and a double slide crystal set.
A 1946 Zenith chair side AM/FM phono with motor driven turn table.
it also has both the pre war and moder FM bands.
The Realistic receiver is fed by the Dokorder reel to reel on the other side
of the bookcase to the left. On top of it is a 1940s Cyprus knee lamp.
and a brass Western Electric phone.